What is Braille?

Braille is a method of reading by touch that is used by many blind and partially sighted people around the world.
Each Braille character or (cell) is made up of 6 dot positions, arranged in a vertical rectangle of 2 columns of 3 dots each. The six dots of each Braille cell are arranged like the example below to form a letter. The dots are numbered 1 through 6, starting in the upper left corner, going down.
Braille cell
The dots are raised in one of the 64 possible combinations and each combination represents a different letter or sound. The character that each combination represents varies somewhat between languages, but the dot height, cell size and cell spacing are always uniform. Formatting of Braille, however, such as the positioning of main headings, is used in Braille in much the same way, as in print.
This is the basic English Braille alphabet...
Braille alphabet