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  • I just wanted to say thanks for the card you sent me for my blind girl friend, She doe's not getting cards as she can't read writing, and braille cards are very hard to find. I liked what you did and how quickly you sent it to me. Ian A :-)

    Wed, 03/02/2010
  • Can I just say a big thankyou for my lovely Braille card you sent me. What a service I ordered it Monday night, and it arrived today, which is very impressive. The quality is lovely. I've always had to give my husband normal cards and read them to him until I discovered your website, now he can read his own cards- so thankyou!! Looking forward to using your sevice again in the future. Sarah W

    Thu, 18/06/2009
  • I have used this company to send my boyfriend cards for at least a year now. They always deliver when they say they will and the cards are brilliant. What a great service they provide, I can't praise them highly enough! Well done Braille cards, keep it up.

    Wed, 11/02/2009
  • Thank you very much for the recent Braille card.

    This was a bereavement card and it made such a difference to be able to put our feelings into words and my friend was absolutely delighted with it and said she will cherish it for ever. You have made someone very happy.

  • Everything was 100% perfect.

    I recently had a Braille card sent to a young lady (8 years old) who had received national recognition. Although I never saw the card, I did receive very positive feedback from the young lady?s mother, and a thank you note from the young lady. It was the first Braille card she has EVER received. She thought it was really neat! Thanks!

  • I was extremely happy with my recent order. Getting cards for a blind friend has always been a problem - but now I have the solution!

    I shall recommend you wholeheartedly.

  • Thanks for my recent card - I sent this card to my brother-in-law in NYC - he is a musician and he just has his first CD released, so I wanted to send him something special - that he would remember as part of this special time for him.

    He was so excited, he called me at home and left a long message and then called again so he could talk to me in person.

    Thank you for making this special day for him even more special.

  • I want to tell you how pleased I am with the service I received from your company recently. I needed a High School graduation card for my next door neighbour's boy who is blind; your Braille card was just the ticket. I received from him a thank you note that told me my card was the only card he could read for himself! Thanks for the fine service. Best regards.

  • Loved the card!!! It was beautiful. I have not yet given it to my daughter, her graduation from a Blind school in June. I just know she is going to love it. She gets cards for various occasions and I have had to read and describe what they look like. I went ahead and ordered it a little early, to make sure I had it in time. I was very happy with the delivery time. To have a card that she can not only read, but have personalized in such a short time is wonderful.

  • You offer a wonderful service. This is the first time we have been able to write to her- and I know it is going to mean the world to her. I look forward to ordering more cards and notes.

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